CSR Statement

Ouwehands Zoo considers its environmental policy to be just as significant to its operations as its commitment to safety, health and wellbeing. As such, Ouwehands Zoo strives to prevent or limit as much as possible the environmental impact caused by its activities.

Its environmental efforts are a structural part and reflection of its other company objectives. All employees are committed to performing their work in accordance with the company's defined procedures and associated environmental policy, and to moreover consider this approach to be the logical way to act.

Ouwehands Zoo strives to:

  • Consciously manage and limit waste flows for both staff and visitors
  • Opt for sustainable or less environmentally damaging materials

Ouwehands Zoo follows the following guidelines:

  • Recognise the importance of the environment where commercial matters are concerned.
  • Meet and anticipate legislation and guidelines regarding environmental matters.
  • Train and educate employees and make them responsible for compliance with the environmental policy.
  • Measure the progress as regards the environment by following a monitoring programme.

Finally, as a consequence of the environmental policy, Ouwehands Zoo has set itself the objective of reducing its power/water consumption wherever possible, minimising the production of (residual) waste, and using an effective environmental care system to limit any negative impacts on the air, water and soil that may arise as a consequence of its operations.