Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal as a private person or as a company

Adopt an animal as a private person or as a company. There are many ways to adopt an animal. You can support individual animals in three categories. There are special agreements for the adoption of a whole accommodation or animal group. Ouwehands Zoo will use the proceeds for daily care and enrichment of the animals, nature and environmental education, animal husbandry conservation, international breeding and reintroduction programmes and conservation of endangered nature. Adopt an animal to support endangered species.

Adopt an animal to give your company a face

Adopt an animal! Ouwehands Zoo will give you admission tickets so that you can visit the adopted animal regularly. Every year you will be given a look behind the scenes, you will receive a picture and have your name on the website and in the park of Ouwehands Zoo. This is therefore a unique way to promote your company. Adopt an animal and help endangered species!

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