Day out? Ouwehands Zoo is an adventure for everybody!

Looking for a fun day trip to the zoo? Ouwehands Zoo and the indoor play jungle RavotAapia guarantee a great day for the whole family.

An adventurous day at the zoo

Ouwehands Zoo is not just an ordinary zoo. It is a beautifully landscaped park where nature (unique flora and fauna), education (educational activities) and fun & entertainment (playgrounds throughout the park) go hand in hand.

Enjoy a day trip to the zoo

A day trip to Ouwehands Zoo means an experience for all the senses. Look into the eyes of a polar bear from up close, listen to the roar of the white lion, smell the silty air of the seals, and taste the delicious refreshments in our various cafes and restaurants.

A complete day trip

All that running, watching and playing makes a person hungry and thirsty. Your day trip to Ouwehands Zoo wouldn’t be complete without a fresh cup of coffee, a full lunch or a delicious ice cream. There's something for everybody.