Annual membership: enjoy Ouwehands Zoo year round?

An annual membership offers many additional benefits

An annual membership to Ouwehands Zoo not only means access to the park every day. You’ll also get a discount on the parking fee and a children's party, while participation in special children's activities is in most cases free of charge. In addition, there are several other theme parks and zoos that you can visit at a discount. This makes an annual membership very beneficial.

Enjoy Ouwehand with your family

Want to visit the zoo several times a year with your family? Then purchase an annual membership to Ouwehands Zoo for all members of your family. Every visit to Ouwehands Zoo means a day of adventure, action and fun. Each visit is different, partly due to the various annual activities that are organised. You’ll never get bored with an annual membership to Ouwehands Zoo!

Would you like more information about an economical annual membership?