China Light 'Magic Forest'

In line with the measures announced nationwide in relation to COVID-19, we are once again closing.  We hope to welcome you again from February 10th.    China Light 'Magic Forest is postponed.  

Information about China Light 'Magic Forest'

As it gets dark, the zoo transforms into a ‘Magic Forest’. Experience the most beautiful marvels of nature during this magical evening walk through the park in the fresh evening air at the historic Grebbeberg. A light show for people of all ages.

Magic Forest
Immerse yourself in a mysterious world filled with natural beauty. Become enthralled by huge light objects in a magical animal kingdom. From a tropical jungle with humongous pythons to a 130-metre long Rainbow Sky Bridge that takes you from the giant panda family to the most extraordinary flower fields. Become enchanted by huge, handcrafted light art works from Chinese artists, musical adventures, mystical apparitions and warm yourself with the delicious to-go specials from our caterers.  

A safe night out
The light sculptures are scattered throughout the park of 22 hectares. This offers enough space for a safe night out, keeping the 1.5 metre distance. 

Access will only be granted to guests with an online ticket with a particular time slot.
Due to the corona measures, the number of visitors to the park is limited. Therefore, it is mandatory to buy an online ticket with an arrival time-slot before your visit. There is no option to buy tickets at the box office. Don’t wait too long and make your reservation on time!

You can visit China Light ‘Magic Forest’ with special evening tickets with a reserved time slot.  For children from 3 to 9 years old, you can reserve online tickets for €15.50 each. For those 10 years and over, the price is €18.00 per ticket.   For children aged 0 to 2 years, you also need to reserve an online ticket (free of charge) with a time slot. Would you rather visit Fan Xing during the day, and wait till night falls to experience ‘Magic Forest’? You can. Simply choose our combiticket.  The price for children aged 3 to 9 years is €32.50 and from 10 years up €35.00 For children aged 0 to 2 years, you need to reserve an online combiticket (free of charge).   Combitickets are valid from 14:00 to 21:00 and you will also receive a nice key cord with lights. 

Tickets for members
 Members can order tickets for ‘Magic Forest’ with a discount by selecting one of the China Light days in the ticket shop on can visit China Light ‘Magic Forest’ for €9.50 per person (3 to 9 years old) and €10.50 per person (10 years and over). For children aged 0 to 2 years, you also need to reserve an online ticket (free of charge) with a time slot. These tickets can be ordered online with the code: 'CHINALIGHTABO'. Enter this code under ‘Unique code’.  The tickets are valid in combination with, and upon production of, a valid proof of membership from Ouwehands Zoo. 

Enjoy our to-go catering!
You will also find oriental influences at our caterers. Your taste buds will be delighted by delicious to-go specials such as heavenly spring rolls and authentic Chinese stir-fry dishes. There are also fresh sandwiches, (vegetarian) hamburgers and snack menus at various locations. Enjoy some hot cocoa with Churros, or savour our winter specials such as a ham rolls, fries topped with stew and a bratwurst sandwich.  All our dishes are offered “to-go” so you can enjoy a snack and a drink as you stroll through the park.   Would you rather sit down? You can do so at all the free seating areas, picnic areas and benches throughout the park. We have also created some extra, partially-heated and sheltered seating areas.