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What are cookies?
Cookies are small files that remember and save your preferences while surfing on your own computer.

What do cookies do?
Cookies have two functions. First of all, they help you with browsing by remembering login names, passwords and preferences - like the language setting. In addition, there are cookies that register the websites you visit and thus make an estimate of your interests. This information allows advertisers and website administrators to place interesting ads in a website for you. Additionally, cookies may prevent you from seeing the same ad again and again.

Do cookies know who I am?
No! Cookies do not know your name, address, age, and other personal information. They only remember your preferences and interests based on your browsing behaviour.

What happens when I turn off cookies?
Advertising allows you to visit most websites for free. And thanks to cookies, the ads are more tailored to your interests. If you turn off the cookies, you will still receive advertisements, although they will no longer match your browsing behaviour. If you turn off cookies that remember your preferences, you'll need to re-type your settings, such as your password and login name.

You can unsubscribe
The cookies that provide advertisers and website owners with insight into your interests can be turned on or off at www.youronlinechoices.eu/nl under ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. You can also indicate which companies may and which may not record your surfing behaviour. The cookies that keep your password, login and other preferences can be turned on or off via your browser settings.