Bear Forest Expedition; discover the world of bears!

Ramble through Bear Forest Expedition’s exciting maze, visit the picturesque village of Karpatica and find out all there is to know about bears. Continue the expedition, admire the starry sky and set off on an adventure in the Bear Forest. Here, in the Bear Forest, brown bears that were formerly mistreated enjoy a carefree life. They inhabit a two hectare forest plot with, among other things, a waterfall, rocks and a pond. It is a unique project and it proves special experience in the company of brown bears. Bear Forest Expedition; discover the world of bears!

Stimulating natural behaviour

In the Bear Forest, bears’ natural environment has been reproduced as closely as possible in order to stimulate their natural behaviour.   They are fed a varied, seasonal diet that is based on what would be available in the wild.  

The Bear Forest is an initiative of Ouwehands Zoo and Bears in Mind, foundation for bear and environmental conservation.