RavotAapia, Europe's largest indoor jungle playground

In this covered 4000 m², 12 metre high jungle playground, children aged 0 to 12 will playfully learn everything there is to know about animals living in the wild. Our smallest guests are welcome to play in the area close to the restaurant’s patio, from where you can keep a good eye on your children as you enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious snack.

Join us on a journey of discovery
Older children can literally step it up a notch. They can climb along the ropes and walkways like a squirrel monkey, and admire the swaying nests of the weaver birds. At the otters, who just love to play in the water, they can play to their hearts content... on the raft or in the pirate ship, and if that’s not exciting enough, we would love to invite them to take a peek in the creepy cave where the large kalong bats and the prarie dogs live. True daredevils can try the enormously high slide, which sends you rocketing towards the ground at high speed.

An adventurous journey on the Jungle Express

The Jungle Express is also part of RavotAapia. From the boarding station, adventurous, themed carriages depart on an adventurous journey. The Jungle Express gives passengers a stunning view of the covered jungle playground, the stranded pirate ship, and the swimming and climbing oriental small-clawed otters. The adventure continues outside, where passengers can admire different species of animals.

 Educational shows at 't Kraaienest
At 't Kraaienest, the plaza at the centre of RavotAapia, we regularly put on all sorts of educational shows. Listen to the P.A. system and consult the daytime programme you received on entry to discover when the next show is scheduled.