Ouwehands Zoo Foundation

In a world where nature is under pressure, Ouwehands Zoo wants to encourage admiration for nature, and to encourage people to think and act. The Ouwehands Zoo Foundation supports various projects concerning the wild congeners of the animals that live at Ouwehands Zoo. With the support of this foundation, Ouwehands Zoo aims to structurally contribute to nature conservation, the conservation of species, and nature conservation education.

In honour of the park's 75th anniversary in 2007, the Ouwehands Zoo Foundation was founded with the aim of conserving the wild congeners of the animals that live in Ouwehands Zoo. OZF supports well-organised, small-scale projects that focus on the congeners of the animals that live at Ouwehands Zoo. Furthermore, it emphasises collaboration with local organisations and the inclusion of educational components. Another important condition is that the project leader reports on the state of the project regularly.


In order to be able to conserve the wild congeners of our own animals, we are badly in need of your help! Only together with you will we be able to continue our fight for nature.
Make a one-time donation, a periodic donation or remember Ouwehands Zoo Foundation in your will.