Adopt an animal

Are you looking for a special allocation within the framework of sustainability, nature conservation or corporate social responsibility?  By adopting one of our animals as a business or individual, you will help us to conserve nature and its animals.

Your support will be used for the conservation of endangered animal species, international breeding and reintroduction programs, nature and environmental education, daily care of the adopted animal, maintenance of the zoo, and conservation of nature that is under threat.

As an adopter, you can opt to support individual animals in four categories.
1. The big crowd pullers, such as polar bears and African elephants (Category I)
2. Larger and more influential animals, such as the white lion and orangutan (Category II)
3. Smaller animals, such as penguins and meerkats (Category III)
4. The smallest animals, such as fish and birds. (Category  II       II)

Price categories

  • Category I       : €9,500.00 (incl. 35 free entrance tickets)
  • Category II       : €5,000.00 (incl. 25 free entrance tickets)
  • Category III       : €2,500.00 (incl. 15 free entrance tickets)
  • Category   II       II   :  € 1.500,- (incl. 10 free entrance tickets)

Special arrangements apply to adoption at birth and of a complete enclosure or entire animal group. The above prices are per year and exclusive of VAT. An adoption contract can be concluded for one or several years.

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The following companies support Ouwehands Zoo and in doing so, help us to realise our idealistic goals.

Lar gibbon Gibbi has been adopted by: An Amur tiger has been adopted by:
A pair of Humboldt penguins has been adopted by: Meerkat Haniëlle has been adopted by:
Orangutan Jewel has been adopted by: A yak has been adopted by:
An Amur tiger has been adopted by: The polar bear twins have been adopted by:
A mandrill has been adopted by: Chapman zebra Malindi has been adopted by:
Elephant Aja has been adopted by: Lar gibbon Taditha has been adopted by:
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Gorilla  Bitono    has been adopted by: