Bears in mind: a better life for battered animals

One of our most special projects is the Bear Forest. Since 1993, Ouwehands Zoo has been taking care of brown bears here that had previously been living under atrocious conditions. Ouwehands Zoo contributes a fixed amount of each admission ticket sold to the Bears in Mind Foundation (formerly Alertis foundation). This money is used to support various nature conservation projects, such as:

  • Russian Far East anti-poaching
    In the Russian Far East, the Siberian (or Amur) tiger and Amur leopard populations are seriously endangered. Bears in Mind supports the 'Red Wolf' anti-poaching team. The brown bear and Asian black bear also benefit from this extra protection.

In the past year, Ouwehands Zoo supported various projects. Below, you can find out about some of our finished projects.

  • Orphaned bears in Romania;
  • Thermoregulation in polar and honey bears;
  • Bears in Pakistan;
  • Wolverines in Norway;
  • Fire prevention in Russia.

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