Collaboration with other Dutch zoos

Ouwehands Zoo is affiliated with the Nederlandse Vereniging van Dierentuinen (Dutch Zoo Association). This umbrella organisation is, among other things, involved in representing its members' interests, monitoring quality and encouraging collectivity amongst its members. The NVD's zoos collaborate closely in the fields of breeding programmes, education, nature conservation and research, and have collectively established guidelines and codes for the responsible management of animal collections. An NVD membership can be regarded as a quality mark for zoos.


Through its NVD membership, Ouwehands Zoo supports projects such as:

  • The protection and conservation of the African Lion in Benin by mapping their movement patterns.
  • The conservation of Western Lowland Gorillas in the Congo by researching the transmission and impact of Ebola on ape populations.
  • The protection of Humboldt Penguins in Peru through education and information.
  • The protection and conservation of the last Philippine Hornbill populations through breeding programs.amma's.