Gender panda cub Fan Xing revealed!

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The panda cub is  almost six months old, has a name now, and now, finally, the gender is revealed. Fan Xing is male!

Since his birth, Fan Xing has stayed in the maternity den with his mother, Wu Wen. The first few months, the development and growth of the cub was only followed by the animal keepers through camera footage. Visitors to the zoo could watch livestream footage at the giant panda enclosure, and you could even watch the livestream of the baby giant panda from the comfort of your own home, on our website. By now, Fan Xing is also exploring the adjacent accommodations of  his maternity den and we can also see him  start to ‘nibble’ and suck on bamboo.

Health check
Recently, we were able to separate mother Wu Wen and Fan Xing for a brief moment, to allow a health check to take place. Fan Xing was weighed, his height and size were measured and teeth, gums and entire physical condition were examined. “The cub is energetic, strong and has good mobility,” said Zoology Manger José Kok. During this health check, we were also able to discern the gender.

When will the cub be visible?
Fan Xing keeps developing, he is discovering so much! He is learning how to climb and how to break his fall. The indoor enclosure of Wu Wen is being adjusted in a way so that Fan Xing can fall “safely”. It won’t be long until Fan Xing will show himself to the guests of Ouwehands Dierenpark. The expectation is that this will take place halfway through November.

Plans for the future
Fan Xing will be at Ouwehands Dierenpark until he   grows four years old. After that he will go to China, where he  will contribute to the international breeding programme designed to preserve this unique animal species.