Giant Pandas can now be followed live everyday

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On Wednesday 30 May it will have been exactly one year since the giant pandas Xing Ya and Wu Wen were first able to explore their outside enclosure under the watchful eye of many invitees. The animals are doing well and they feel at home in their accommodation at Ouwehands Zoo. The Pandasia giant panda enclosure has now been officially open to visitors for a year. Pandasia is very popular among visitors and has even been voted the most beautiful giant panda enclosure in the world at the Giant Panda Global Awards. The zoo is also experiencing this popularity in a great increase in the number of visitors. In 2017 the number of visitors exceeded one million for the first time in history. To celebrate this first successful panda year, Ouwehands Zoo is offering visitors the opportunity to follow the giant pandas live daily. In addition, the animal park has created a special panda that can literally be taken anywhere.

Giant pandas can be followed every day  

Starting today, the giant pandas Xing Ya and Wu Wen at Ouwehands Zoo can be followed every day by means of several webcams. Watch the giant pandas and their daily adventures live through razor-sharp images. The pandas can be viewed with the aid of four different camera angles. These angles have a view of the indoor and outdoor enclosures. The cameras are positioned in such a way that a panda can be seen at almost any given moment. 

Watch the live pandacams

24 hours with a panda

For those who just can’t get enough of pandas, Ouwehands Zoo has developed something special. With the specially designed 'Panda Snapchat World Lens', Snapchat users can bring a virtual panda to life ‘in the real world’ through augmented reality. Users can place the panda in the most original positions in photos and videos, or even walk around the panda and tap on the screen to see what else the panda can do.

The Snapchat lens can be downloaded free of charge and is available 24 hours after download. 

Discover the 3D Pandalens

Pandas in the spotlight

You can now watch the giant pandas Xing Ya and Wu Wen live every day. The images we collected over the course of the last year have already shown that these unique animals provide beautiful footage. Watch the short video compilation for a fun impression.