How Are Giant Panda Wu Wen and Her Cub in Ouwehands Zoo?

Friday, 1 May 2020, was a historic day at Ouwehands Zoo. Three years after the arrival of giant pandas Wu Wen and Xing Ya in Rhenen, a giant panda cub was born. The first ten days after birth are critical because most bear cubs die during this period.

Development of the Cub
A newborn giant panda is incredibly small! The length of its body is 15 cm at the most, and its weight is between just 100 and 200 grams. Now, almost two weeks later, the cub has visibly grown. Not just in length, but clearly in weight, too. Its well-filled belly is prominent and the distinctive colouring is very finely starting to appear. The shoulders and front paws exhibit the contours of a dark (grey-black) pattern. Also striking is the panda cub’s relatively long tail.

Wu Wen as Mother
Immediately after birth, Wu Wen embraced her role as a mother. From the very first moment, she kept her baby warm and suckled it. Mother Wu Wen is also doing well. Sometimes, she eats an apple, a piece of panda cake and even a bamboo shoot. She also sleeps a lot, with her cub, which can usually be found close to one of her four nipples.
In the Maternity Den For Now
Wu Wen and her cub will remain in the maternity den for the coming months. The cub has to grow, learn how to walk and follow its mother, Wu Wen. Only then, will they venture out into the indoor enclosure together. The keepers closely monitor the development of the cub using video footage. The zoo streams live video at the park  to give people an exclusive peek into the maternity den.