Jane Goodall opens the new bonobo enclosure in Ouwehands Zoo!


None other than Dr. Jane Goodall will open the new bonobo enclosure at Ouwehands Zoo on Wednesday afternoon, 13 May 2020. Jane Goodall is a world-famous biologist, known mostly because of her invaluable research and findings about the great apes species, chimpanzees. 

People used to think that the bonobo and chimpanzee where the same, but now we know that they are two different species. The bonobo is the species that is most similar to humans. Our DNA matches for 98.6%. Ouwehands Zoo offers space to nine bonobos in the new accommodation, six adult animals and three young. 

Jane Goodall wants to inspire young people
Dr. Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, is a world-renowned biologist who, almost 60 years ago, went to Africa to research chimpanzees. Whilst living amongst the great apes, she discovered some extraordinary things. 
With her Jane Goodall Institute, she ensures that the great apes, their environment and other wild animals are protected. Jane Goodall believes the future is in the hands of young people. That's why she founded the Roots & Shoots program with the goal of inspiring youth to come together and work on a better living environment. 

Please note!  This is an official opening ceremony for invited guests
The opening of the bonobo enclosure on Wednesday, 13 May is only accessible for invited guests.