Name of the panda cub has been announced!

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The panda cub born on 1 May 2020 in Ouwehands Zoo has been named: Fan Xing!

With the Chinese Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the name was announced during a small private gathering at Ouwehands Zoo. Over 22,000 votes were cast worldwide. It was a close race, but Fan Xing was the favourite in the end. 

Meaningful name
‘Fan’ is the abbreviation for Fan Gao, which refers to Van Gogh in Chinese. Van Gogh is among the most well-known Dutch artists in China, so the word Fan could be seen as a connection to the Netherlands. Xing is from the cub’s father Xing Ya. ‘Xing’ means star in Chinese, which symbolizes hope and the right direction.

According to tradition
In China, the tradition is to name the cub after 100 days, which is why the small private gathering was held. After a few short speeches by Mrs Mossenelchner, Director of the Asia and Oceania Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr Ribiao on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in The Hague, a video was shown to build up the excitement and the name was revealed.  

In the maternity den for now
Wu Wen and Fan Xing will remain in the maternity den for the time-being. The keepers closely monitor Fan Xing’s development with video footage. Fan Xing has to grow, learn how to walk and follow its mother, Wu Wen, before they can go and explore the rest of the enclosure together. We expect visitors of Ouwehands Zoo to get their first glimpses of Fan Xing in October 2020. 

Want to see Fan Xing already?
For those who simply can’t wait, a live stream is available on the  website where you can watch Fan Xing in the maternity den for an hour for €1.00. This euro will go towards the protection of giant pandas in the wild and their habitat.