Newborns in Ouwehands Zoo


Which animals have been born at Ouwehands Dierenpark recently? Come and visit us to admire the babies!

Baby seals
July 2019 - Two seals were born in Het Wad. The pups are already swimming around with their mother so you will be able to see them in the water.

Baby prairie dogs
May 2019 - Prairie dog pups were born near RavotAapia. The young spend a lot of time in the underground tunnel system but occasionally show their faces above the ground.

Baby squirrel monkeys
May 2019 - Several baby squirrel monkeys were born in RavotAapia. You can admire them in the indoor and outdoor enclosures.

Baby warthogs
April 2019 - Four warthogs were born. The little hogs are doing well and they are already playing together a lot.

Baby reindeers
April 2019 - Three baby reindeers were born to three different mothers.

Baby ring-tailed lemurs
March 2019 - Three ring-tailed lemurs were born. The young are starting to explore their surroundings and are climbing and scrambling around.

Baby orangutan
March 2019 - After a gestation period of just over eight months, it was time for the eagerly awaited arrival on Sunday 10 March. Orangutan Tjintha gave birth early in the morning.

Baby clouded leopards
February/March 2019 - Three clouded leopards were born on Thursday 28 February.   Several weeks after this special triplet birth, a second nest of clouded leopards was born consisting of two leopards.