Ouwehands Zoo is expecting a young African elephant in 2021


Ouwehands Zoo is delighted to learn that elephant Duna is pregnant. The calf is expected to be born in autumn 2021. 

In May 2019, elephant bull Tusker came from Germany to Rhenen to provide offspring within the breeding programme. After a period of getting to know each other, he got on well with Duna. Mating in August 2019 was not successful, but in November 2019 it was.

A Second Chance
“Duna deserves this happy event. She previously had a young calf, but lost it by her own doing when it was three days old. “We hope that this time around, Duna, with her friend Tembo at her side, will be capable of raising a new calf” says José Kok, Head of Animal Care at Ouwehands Zoo.  

Watch on TV
The story of Tusker and Duna can currently be seen in the television series ‘Secret life of the zoo’ on NPO1.