Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen donated € 1,1 million to nature conservation in the last year.


Nature conservation is one of Ouwehands Zoo’s main objectives. The past year, Ouwehands Zoo donated €1,145,000 to at least 13 different nature conservation projects, including projects for the giant panda, orangutan, Malaysian bear, and the barbary macaque through its Ouwehands Zoo Foundation. In addition, this year we managed to match the revenue and visitor numbers of 1,060,000. 

The past year was a very fertile year with 64 births in the zoo. 
We had the following highlights: the birth of twins and triplets at the clouded leopards, an orangutan baby, a keel-billed toucan and the birth of 2 polar bear cubs last month. With the arrival of the new male African elephant this year, we are hopeful we might be able to welcome young elephants in the future. 

New accommodation
The new accommodation for the Aldabra giant tortoise opened in October. Visitors can admire the group of 31 animals, including the two celebrities Sjaak and Mien of the series "Secret life of the zoo” (“Het echte leven in de dierentuin”), in their new tropical enclosure. We have also built and renovated various smaller enclosures. We have a new aviary for the grey crowned cranes, a new outdoor accommodation for the squirrel monkeys as well as for our group golden-headed lion tamarins, a renovated enclosure for white-lipped tamarins, new aquaria in the aquarium, and an organic soil improver has been added to the orangutan enclosure. 

Secret life of the zoo
In 2019, the animals and keepers were filmed by I Care Producties B.V., which turned the footage into a 6 part documentary series "Secret life of the zoo", commissioned by NTR. The animals play the lead role in this series. The animals are the true protagonists, the supporting roles are being fulfilled by the keepers and zoo staff. As the viewer, you experience the feeling of 24 hours within the walls of the zoo, just like the animals themselves.

China Light Festival
As in the previous year, Ouwehands Zoo organised the China Light Festival this year. The park had been transformed into a magical light festival for the second time. This year, there were even more different light objects in 32 locations, supported by Chinese live entertainment and a new winter show by Doctor Dodo. The light festival has drawn many visitors already, and can be visited every Friday and Saturday until spring break. During spring break (22 to 29 February), it will be open every single day of the week.

New theatre entertainment
The new entertainment concept Doctor Dodo and the Batty Bright Brains was introduced this summer, with a new summer show, a spectacular winter show and various live park acts, where the visitor gets more information about the animals in a unique way. 

Preview 2020

Work on a new bonobo enclosure has started in 2019, and it will be opened to the public during Easter vacation.

With the arrival of the bonobos, Ouwehands Zoo will once again contribute to an international breeding programme for an endangered species (EEP). In this way, the zoo makes an important contribution to the conservation of endangered species. 

Season 2
After the success of the first season of Secret life in the zoo (Het echte leven in de dierentuin), which enjoyed ratings around 1 million to 1.5 million viewers per episode, NTR decided to shoot a second season. Once again, filming took place in Ouwehands Zoo and the series will be shown during the end of spring/ beginning of summer on NPO.