Panda cub Fan Xing can now be seen!

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Starting from Thursday 19 November 2020, the panda cub Fan Xing has access to his inside and outside enclosure, and he can now be seen by visitors. The panda cub was born on 1 May 2020, and remained inside the maternity den behind the scenes for months.

Completely at home
Fan Xing is a giant panda with his own free will. He doesn’t just follow his mother Wu Wen all day, and so it was exciting to see if he would show himself. Early in the morning, he went into the indoor enclosure and was peacefully sleeping there when the first guests and the press came to admire him. After a while, he woke up and started to explore. However, he did not go outside yet.

The first visitors admiring Fan Xing
During the afternoon, members of Ouwehands Zoo were given the opportunity to be among the first to see the little giant panda. Fan Xing is a young panda, and he sleeps a lot, but whenever he wakes up, he explores his indoor accommodation, nibbles on bamboo and plays with his mother Wu Wen.

Multiple enclosures
The giant pandas have access to multiple enclosures, including behind the scenes. It could be the case that the giant panda’s take a moment for themselves and are temporarily not visible to visitors. You can only visit Ouwehands Zoo with an online ticket with a reserved time slot, to prevent the park from getting too busy and ensure your day at the zoo to be as safe as possible. Around the giant panda accommodation, additional measures have been taken.

Temporarily in the Netherlands
You can admire Fan Xing for about three and a half years longer. This is because he is only allowed to stay in The Netherlands for a maximum of four years, before he goes to China so he can contribute to the international breeding programme for this unique endangered species.