Panda Gala at Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen raises huge sum

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To celebrate the arrival of the giant pandas in the Netherlands, Ouwehands Zoo and the World Wildlife Fund joined forces and jointly organised a Panda Gala with the aim of raising a large sum of money for the conservation of giant pandas in the wild. The guests of the World Wildlife Fund and Ouwehands Zoo gathered in the beautiful and authentically Chinese-built Pandasia, the new enclosure of the two giant pandas Xing Ya and Wu Wen, where they were entertained. The evening was hosted by comedian and television presenter Harm Edens, and guests enjoyed an evening full of entertainment - Chinese and otherwise - Asian street food and an auction led by auctioneer Jop Ubbens.
The evening raised a huge sum of money, no less then €470,888.88 in total.
This amount will benefit a jointly chosen project in China, which aims to preserve the giant pandas and their habitats in the wild. The fieldwork project between Ouwehands Zoo and the WWF revolves around the key panda areas in the province of Sichuan. The project's central themes are the improvement, restoration and connection of these natural habitats. Here, the World Wildlife Fund is active in planting bamboo forests and constructing ecoducts (for which the Netherlands serves as an example) to reduce the negative impact of roads and railways running through the habitats. In addition, the behaviour and distribution of the pandas is researched using so-called camera traps (i.e. automatic cameras). The World Wildlife Fund and Ouwehands Zoo would like to thank everyone who donated so generously, as well the many people whose commitment enabled this splendid result.