Preparations of spectacular light festival China Light in Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen in full swing


Hundreds of light sculptures travelled 10947 kilometres to arrive at Ouwehands Zoo and the constructions are going strong. From 30 November 2018 to 6 January 2019, the Chinese light sculptures, several metres in height, will transform the zoo into a magical festival of light that will enthral people of all ages. Discover the magic of the Orient, and come on a journey along the impressive light objects created by Chinese artists.  

Made by Chinese artists 

Ouwehands Zoo is organising the China Light Festival in cooperation with the Chinese organisation Zigong Haitian Culture. A group of Chinese light artists arrived in Rhenen at the beginning of November. They are currently working hard to assemble carefully all the different parts of the artworks. They transform the constructions that were hand made in China into impressive 3D light sculptures, some of them even up to eight metres in height. Since the arrival of these light artists, guests of the zoo can follow the Chinese craftsmanship. The first landscapes are starting to take shape, such as the fairy-tale deer area and the wintery polar bear scene. 

Chinese cultural heritage

The light sculptures are all made by craftspeople from Zigong in the Chinese province of Sichuan. The city is known for its light festival. Sichuan is also the province where the two giant pandas are from, that have been residing in Ouwehands Zoo since 2017. In China light festivals are a tradition, and these fantastic decors even belong to the cultural heritage. 

Chinese activities 

During China Light, the programme will feature plenty of activities and shows revolving around Chinese culture. Enjoy Chinese live entertainment such as dragon dancers and a traditional lion dance. Admire Chinese crafts, such as the painting of Chinese porcelain. Experience atmospheric Chinese music. Visit Professor Panda and learn more about Chinese mythical creatures, symbolism and legends during the guided tours that you can book.   

Winter show 'Straal'

In the lively family show ‘Straal’ (Shine), King Winter will take you to his special winter world. A fairy tale, where King Winter will make it snow and you are shown the beautiful low hanging winter light. However, not everyone seems to enjoy the winter light... This musical fairy tale about light and dark is full of humour and amazement - it makes everyone shine!
You can visit the winter show in the weekends of December, during the Christmas holidays and in every weekend of January 2019.
Opening hours
You can visit China light between 30 November and 6 January 2019 from 5:30 pm to 9 pm. For the China Light Festival nights and opening hours, go to: