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The time has come, at last. Fan Xing has access to the enclosure where he can be seen by visitors.  In order to manage the interest of all visitors, especially during these times, we are using the method below. This is what you can expect if you want to come and admire Fan Xing, Wu Wen and Xing Ya in Pandasia.

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The route
To get to a waiting queue, follow the routes below. The queue starts at the Cuban flamingos. From that point, the waiting time is approximately one hour. Walk along the pelicans and the outdoor basin of the sea lions towards Pandasia Square where you will be crossing over to the Far East.


Once in Pandasia
Here you will see Fan Xing, Wu Wen and Xing Ya! Enjoy! However, we do ask that you follow the staff’s instructions. We would like each visitor to be able to admire the giant pandas. Please give each other space. In Pandasia, walk past Wu Wen's and Fan Xing's inner enclosure and up to the Pandasia Gift Shop. You can choose to visit the Pandasia Gift Shop or continue on your way to Xing Ya. From above, you can see Xing Ya in his outdoor enclosure or you can continue your way down and see him in his inside enclosure.

Giant Pandas are animals...
...This means that they are sometimes unpredictable. It may very well be that they will withdraw into their quarters behind the scenes. As a result, your waiting time in the queue may become longer or you may be looking at an empty enclosure in Pandasia. Oh my, then what? Luckily, we have thought of that and come up with a solution.

I haven’t seen Xing Ya
Of course you would like to admire the panda responsible for this wonderful offspring. In that case, it is best to continue your route through the park and return to Pandasia at a later time. At the clouded leopards it is possible to turn right. You then reach Pandasia Square and keep to the right. Keep going past the Jungle restaurant and Pandasia, and you will pass Xing Ya's outdoor enclosure for a second chance to see him!

I haven’t seen Wu Wen and Fan Xing
Wu Wen and Fan Xing were behind the scenes just when you wanted to admire them? Then you will receive a voucher for the Pandasia Fastlane from our staff! Continue your route through Pandasia, passing the Giftshop and Xing Ya. Return to Pandasia Square at a later time from the direction of the jungle restaurant . Upon handing in your voucher, you can enter the Pandasia Fastlane so that you don't have to wait in the queue again.  

I’d like to skip Pandasia – is that possible?
That is also a possibility. Turn right at the clouded leopards. Keep going past the Jungle restaurant and Pandasia, and you will pass Xing Ya's outdoor enclosure and continue towards the bear forest or the sea lions. Or choose to keep to the left at the entrance in the direction of RavotAapia.

Going Out Together Safely
The safety of guests, employees and animals is paramount. The park is therefore designed in such a way that guests can at all times keep sufficient distance from each other and the rules of the RIVM can be observed.   Together with the Club of Eleven (the association of the Netherlands' largest day attractions), the Dutch Association of Zoos (NVD) has drawn up the protocol ‘Going Out Together Safely’. The protocol offers guidelines with regard to the 1.5 metre rule between households, adequate information provision and additional hygiene measures. 

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