Your visit to Ouwehands Zoo


We are very happy to be able to welcome guests again. There will however be a few adjustments to your visit to Ouwehands Zoo.  Below is an overview of what you can expect and what you should take into account. 

1. Safety
The safety of guests, employees and animals is paramount. The park is therefore designed in such a way that guests can at all times keep sufficient distance from each other and the rules of the RIVM can be observed.   Together with the Club of Eleven (the association of the Netherlands' largest day attractions), the Dutch Association of Zoos (NVD) has drawn up the protocol ‘Going Out Together Safely’. The protocol offers guarantees with regard to the 1.5-metre rule between households, adequate information provision and additional hygiene measures. 

Panda distance

2. Online ticket sales only 
Tickets will only be sold online via the ticket shop on the website. A maximum number of guests will be allowed per day and to distribute the arrival of the guests, you can choose from a number of time slots. Membership holders will also have to reserve their visit including a time slot for the time being. A free online ticket with time slot must also be reserved for children up to 3 years, who normally enter free of charge.  Therefore, access will only be granted to guests with an online ticket with a particular time slot.   When purchasing a ticket, you must agree to the RIVM guidelines. 

3.  Visit the giant pandas
This is what you can expect if you want to come and admire Fan Xing, Wu Wen and Xing Ya in Pandasia.

4. Restaurants
Food and drinks are available throughout the entire park at various takeaway locations.   The assortment has been adjusted accordingly. It is not possible to sit down inside. There are many resting places scattered throughout the park. 4. Dogs are allowed 
Dogs are allowed in the park again (subject to change).

5. Face masks
We are requesting guests to wear face masks inside public indoor spaces, this is an urgent national recommendation. You can buy face masks at various locations inside Ouwehands Zoo.  Are you unable to wear a face mask due to medical reasons? A different form, such as a face screen, can be a good alternative. 

6. More rules apply than usual
This includes rules such as: Keep 1.5 metres away from other households, follow the one-way route, and also keep sufficient distance to the animals.  Give others enough space and wait a bit if it gets too crowded somewhere.  The process at the catering points has also been adjusted.  Things may take some getting used to for guests, because the park looks a little different in some areas.  This will sometimes require a little flexibility. Trained personnel are visibly present to provide information and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Communication is clear, with signs specially tailored to the situation. Moreover, additional hygiene measures have been taken. Contact points are cleaned more often and central disinfection points are present.

7. What will remain closed?
Theatre show inside - Doctor Dodo will only perform shows outside for the foreseeable future. View the daily program for show days.
Sea lion show - There will be no sea lion shows in the Blue Lagoon for the foreseeable future. 
Indoor enclosures - The nocturnal enclosure and part of Urucu will also remain closed for the above reasons. 

8. Toilets
There are plenty of toilet facilities open. 

9.  Umbrella
Tip: Bring an umbrella to the zoo (also available in the shops). Due to the measures, there are less options to shelter from the rain, keeping 1.5 metres distance. But with an umbrella that is unnecessary, and you can continue strolling past the animals as usual. 

10. Other important guidelines

  • Do not leave home if you are experiencing any health complaints.
  • Avoid public transport where possible and travel as much as possible with your own transport.
  • Only visit Ouwehands as a single household or travel alone. 
  • Keep 1.5 metres away from guests who do not belong to your household.
  • Always follow the instructions of our employees.
  • Pay as much as possible by card or contactless (pin or mobile). 

The above information is important to know before paying a visit to Ouwehands Zoo.