An adventurous school trip among the animals?

A school trip at Ouwehands Zoo is educational and active, but mainly fun!

A school trip at Ouwehand: a wonderful day trip together with the whole class or school. Ouwehands Zoo has everything in place to make it a successful school trip. In addition to the animals, there are many opportunities for the children to be active. They can climb from tree house to tree house on rope ladders, have loads of fun at Europe's largest indoor play jungle, go on scavenger hunts and much more. An educational school trip with many extras for an unforgettable day at Ouwehands Zoo.

School trip, choice of various packages

A school trip to Ouwehands Zoo can be booked with various packages: a school trip package, an active tour package and a guided tour package. There is bound to be a package that matches the school’s budget. The children will have the time of their lives, while also learning something about the animals and their way of life. A school trip with many advantages!

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