A staff party in a special location?

Looking for a little something different for your staff party? With the packages offered by Ouwehands Zoo, you will spoil your staff with an unforgettable event.

Your employees deserve a wonderful staff party

Throughout the year, your staff is there for you, your company and your customers. Their commitment determines your success. At Ouwehands Zoo you’ll be able to show your appreciation with a unique staff party in a unique location.

Feel like you’re in the tropics or in Africa with a staff party

At Ouwehands Zoo’s tropical Jungle restaurant you’ll feel like you’re in an exotic location. Beautifully decorated with native plants, creeping vines and a crashed airplane, the location also features special effects like animal sounds, thunderstorms and lightning. The catering is also tailored to this tropical atmosphere. A special staff party in a unique location is guaranteed!

In the Kalahari, the African Lodge, you’ll feel like you’re in Africa. Ouwehands Zoo has created an oasis that makes the venue ideal for adventurous party nights.

A fully organised and tailored staff party?

At Ouwehands Zoo we can take care of your staff party down to the last detail, and tailor it to your personal wishes. This will provide you with everything you need to offer your employees a special staff party, with (if you like) a personal touch.

All in all, the party will be an excellent opportunity to get to know a different side of your employees.

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