Terms and Conditions tickets

Terms and conditions for the purchase of tickets for Ouwehands Zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark B.V.)

  • Your ticket has a randomly allocated unique barcode. Your ticket will be scanned at the entrance. Each ticket can only be used once. It is therefore pointless to copy tickets. Ouwehands Zoo will prosecute any offenders. The tickets also have a date of expiry. After this date right of access will be denied.
  • The admission ticket cannot be used in combination with other promotions, vouchers, package deals and/or (online) offers.
  • Ouwehands Zoo is responsible for the correct functioning of the codes and the admission control whenever these have been arranged by the zoo. During office hours Ouwehands Zoo can be reached by calling +31 (0)317-650200. The visitor regulations apply to everyone who enters the park. The park authorities reserve the right to deny access at any time. The employees of Ouwehands Zoo are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the park rules.
  • The barcode on the admission ticket must not be creased or damaged in any way. Admission cannot be guaranteed if the barcode is damaged or creased. In such cases you will not be entitled to a replacement ticket or a refund.
  • It is forbidden to sell on and/or copy the ticket.
  • Ouwehands Zoo cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for damage to property, personal injury or any other form of loss or damage ensuing from a visit to Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen.
  • Ouwehands Zoo reserves the right to refuse an order without giving any reason for this. In such a case you will be informed thereof by e-mail.
  • The buyer is responsible for providing correct details when making a reservation. If the details are incorrect or incomplete, this may prevent the tickets from being sent.
  • Ouwehands Zoo will make sure that the tickets you order are sent to you. Your tickets will be sent by e-mail within 30 minutes. Your e-ticket can also be scanned from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Ouwehands Zoo cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever in the event of a technical failure of any form, as a result of which the order cannot be processed and/or authorised properly, accurately or in time.
  • By ordering a ticket from Ouwehands Zoo, the buyer expressly and unconditionally accepts the applicability of these terms and conditions.
  • For more information on privacy, click here.
  • Ouwehands Zoo will have the final decision in situations not provided for in these terms and conditions.