Food & drink

Take a seat in the Jungle restaurant for a healthy bite to eat, admire the colourful birds at the Pássaro patio, or enjoy a lovely piece of apple pie while your kids swing through RavotAapia.

Jungle restaurant, a wilderness full of atmosphere and comfort

Experienced travellers will confirm: you'll never forget the experience of walking through the jungle, ever. If you pull up a chair in the Jungle restaurant at Ouwehands Zoo, for a moment, you will think that you have entered a tropical wilderness. Lianas, animal noises, a crashed aeroplane, and animals that spy on you; you will definitely forget that you're in the Netherlands. And of course, we haven't forgotten about food & drink. The Jungle restaurant serves a wide range of fresh products, including various luxury buns and sandwiches, healthy salads, fresh fruit, juices, smoothies and home-made soups. But if you prefer a selection of snacks, chips and kids menus, a nice cappuccino or a delicious piece of cake, we haven't forgotten about those either.

Recuperate among the birds on the Pássaro patio

Upon entering, take your time to browse the map and discover which special encounters are awaiting you. It's all in the cards in Pássaro, the aerial view of paradise. You will immediately think that you have entered the remarkable world of the animal kingdom. The thing is, while you are enjoying a nice cup of fresh coffee, a luxury bun or a home-made pizza on the Pássaro patio, you will encounter many colourful and tropical birds.

If you have a food allergy or special dietary wishes, please contact us! Our chefs will take your wishes into account.