Visitors regulations

The visitors regulations apply to Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen.

1. Definitions
The following terms are used in these visitors regulations:
a. Ouwehand: the private limited company Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen.
b. Ouwehand site: the enclosed grounds on which Ouwehand's facilities, animal enclosures and the car park are located.
c. Visitor: anyone present with or without Ouwehand's approval on the Ouwehand site.
d. Rules: these visitor’s rules

2. Applicability
By entering the Ouwehand site, the visitor accepts the applicability of these Rules. The Rules also apply to any sale or issuance of a ticket or membership.

3. Enforcement
Ouwehands is entitled to remove the visitor in question or to deny access to the Ouwehand site in the event of violation of these Rules or a legitimate fear of such violation. Ouwehand may also do that which it deems necessary and/or appropriate, including reporting to the police.

4. Prohibited behaviour
The following is prohibited without the express permission of Ouwehand:
a. to be on the Ouwehand site without a valid entrance ticket and identity card;
b. to go outside the designated paths, corridors, accommodation and playgrounds;
c. to enter animal shelters or go beyond the ‘no entry zone’ indicated at animal shelters;
d. to disturb animals in animal shelters, feed animals, knock on windows or fences of animal shelters and to leave any object in animal shelters;
e. to put any part of the body or any object through, over, in or under (fencing of) animal shelters;
f. to take, steal, destroy or damage any items present on the Ouwehand site, including animals, or to remove them from the Ouwehand site;
g. to use the items on the Ouwehand site in a manner other than that which is intended by the nature and design of the item, in the opinion of Ouwehand;
h. to move around the site on objects such as bicycles, skateboards and skates. An exception is made for wheelchairs, prams, rollators and mobility scooters. Bicycles used as a disability aid are also allowed;
i. to bring or allow animals (with the exception of dogs) onto the Ouwehand site or to remove animals from the Ouwehand site;
j. to dress or act in an offensive manner, to dress in an animal costume or carnival outfit, to remove outer clothing and/or underwear, to cause noise or otherwise disturb the peace on the Ouwehand site, in the opinion of Ouwehand;
k. to hinder employees of Ouwehand and volunteers through word and/or deed in the execution of their duties and activities, or to make them difficult, in the opinion of Ouwehand;
l. to dispose of waste outside the designated waste containers;
m. to offer goods for sale;
n. to bring balls, balloons, narcotics, dangerous or harmful substances or weapons onto the Ouwehand site;
o. to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics on the Ouwehand site;
p. to use photo, video, film, audio and other recording equipment - unless intended for private and non-commercial use;
q. to start a fire or otherwise threaten the safety of visitors and/or animals on the Ouwehand site, directly or indirectly, as determined by Ouwehand. A smoking ban is in place in all covered locations and uncovered regular queues (at Pandasia, the sea lion theatre and the Theatre tent) in the animal park (this also applies to the e-cigarette);
r. to approach Ouwehand's visitors for signatures for any purpose, recruitment and/or sampling;
s. to commit crimes or display any other kind of antisocial behaviour, as determined by Ouwehand.

5. Instructions
a. Each visitor is required to show a valid admission ticket and ID card upon request by the employees of Ouwehand.
b. Visitors to Ouwehand are permitted to bring dogs, provided they are kept on a tight leash. However, visitors are not permitted to bring dogs to the Theatertent, Het Wad, the children's farm and the food counters of all park restaurants.
c. For general security purposes, visitors are obliged to allow Ouwehand's employees to conduct a baggage inspection or to allow a security pat down.
d. All warning signs as well as instructions and directions by Ouwehand staff must be strictly and promptly observed.
e. Groups of students should be supervised at all times by a sufficient number of supervisors in relation to the number of pupils (general rule 1:7).
f. No shouting and running is permitted in buildings.
g. Each visitor grants permission to Ouwehand to make images and sound recordings on the site. Visitors may not object to the use or disclosure of their portrait/likeness by Ouwehand, or demand any financial compensation.
h. The maximum speed limit in the car park is 5 km per hour.

6. Liability
The visitor's stay at the Ouwehand site, as well as the use of facilities, animal shelters, the car park and wheelchairs and/or bunker carts, is entirely at the risk of the visitor.
a. Ouwehand is not liable for damage, loss and/or theft of property.
b. Ouwehand is not liable for damage and/or injuries unless there is intent or deliberate recklessness by Ouwehand or one or more of its employees while the injury-causing actions of the employee concerned were in the exercise of or related to the normal duties of that employee.
c. Liability for damage other than damage to material property of the visitor and personal injury is excluded, including expressly any form of consequential damage.
d. Every liability of Ouwehand is limited per damage case to the price of an admission ticket that is applicable to the relevant visitor at the time of the damage. However, if Ouwehand is insured in respect of the loss, liability will be limited to the amount paid out under Ouwehand’s liability insurance in the particular case, in addition to the excess Ouwehand is required to carry in this case in accordance with the applicable insurance policy.

7. Final provision
These rules and all disputes based thereon are governed exclusively by Dutch law.