Have you always wanted to admire giant pandas in real life? You can at Ouwehands Zoo! Discover more about the giant pandas and Pandasia, the habitat of the giant pandas Xing Ya and Wu Wen.

The Pandasia giant panda enclosure

The giant panda enclosure consists of two parts: a separate indoor area and outdoor area for the male and female pandas. There will also be several night accommodations, a nursery, a cold room for storing bamboo and a veterinary clinic. A restaurant with a Chinese/Asian ambiance and a "panda shop" will also be a part of the project.

Pandasia in Chinese style

The "Pandasia" project was built according to traditional Chinese style. To make it authentic, the design includes various Chinese elements, ornaments and accessories. Pandasia consists of two structural parts connected to each other by a wooden bridge. The roof and wall structures were made in China using traditional methods, and have been finished in suitable, authentic colours. The walls feature round elements with Chinese depictions. The roof is covered with traditional tiles that were handmade in China according to traditional methods. The shape, structure, proportions, materials and colours of the buildings are all based on a Chinese temple.

Business options at Pandasia

In the middle of Pandasia, there is an inspiring event location that will soon look out over the giant pandas. This unique location is suitable for presentations, business meetings and delicious Asian dinners. Taste the Chinese atmosphere, admire the giant pandas and find inspiration in the beautiful surroundings of Pandasia!